QSL Card: Confirming my contact with Peter I Island
My interest in stamp collecting began, as with many, about the age of ten. In 1965, as a high school sophomore, my stamp collecting was put aside for my new passion of amateur radio. Having received my FCC license, I was delighted by the fact that I could now talk live and firsthand with people in other countries! By 1975 I realized my love for philately was still as great as ever so I decided to resume the hobby. I thought I could enjoy both hobbies equally by essentially marrying the two and indeed this is exactly what happened. I felt it important to narrow my area of collecting interest so I decided to concentrate on the south polar region. Through my radio hobby I had developed an intense interest in this region. I've always been fascinated by the early explorers and after significant study on the history of Antarctic exploration I felt it appropriate to concentrate in this area. When I speak to other ham operators situated at these lonely outposts I request, and often receive, beautifully cacheted and autographed covers. I am still very active on the radio and can often be found with headset on, spinning the dial, with the antenna pointing south.

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