Operation Highjump 1946-47 Photo Gallery

Ships of the Central Group
pick their way through the pack ice off the Ross Sea. In order: Northwind, Merrick, Yancey, Mount Olympus.
U.S.S. Yancey R4D prepared for takeoff.
Photographers Mates shooting movies from the weasel. Clipped by the Royal Barbers! Letter writing session.
King Neptune and company on the Royal Throne aboard Mount Olympus. Rear Admiral Byrd, revisits his old hut at the site of the original Little America and revives memories by smoking a 12 year old corn cob pipe left there at the time of the departure of the Second Byrd Expedition in 1935. Base Camp in the Bay of Whales.
Secretary of the Navy James V. Forrestal, congratulates Rear Admiral R.E. Byrd on his arrival in Washington 14 April 1947. On the left: Admiral Chester W. Nimitz and Rear Admiral Richard H. Cruzen. This ice whiskered sailor and 3700 others like him did the work of Operation Highjump. Aviation personnel hauling supplies by sled.
Icicles make informal decoration on mess tent. Helicopter based on Northwind returns from observation flight. The Sennet had to be rescued when shifts in the wind caused the pack ice to close in on her. Here the Northwind gets a heaving line preparatory to towing the sub to safety.
Robert C. Luther, F2/e aboard the U.S.S. Mount Olympus, holds five Huskies which were to accompany their mother to the Antarctic. Chow time and no one minds waiting in line . . . much! An R4D comes in for landing after a mapping flight.
Simple Antarctic furnishings. Interior view of the Sick Bay tent at Highjump Base. Through this line pass the best fed men in the world.
Operating K-18 from flying bridge on Mount Olympus. View of ships moored to bay ice. Northwind splitting an ice floe.
Planning survey flight. Camp Highjump. View West. Altitude 1500 feet. A.H. Taylor, of the Naval Research Laboratory, experiments with sonar sounding through the ice.
Dr. Paul A. Siple (left), senior representative of the War Department on Operation Highjump, and Admiral Byrd. Rear Admiral Byrd dropping United Nations flags over the South Pole. Antarctic swimming session!
Unloading the weasel from Yancey to the bay ice. Aerographers inflating radiosande balloon on Mount Olympus. Viewing ice pack from Burton Island.
Food supplies from the U.S.S. Yancey are unloaded onto the ice of the Bay of Whales. Navy motion picture cameraman is swung out on a crane to document progress of the U.S.S. Burton Island through the ice pack. Central Group ships in bay ice.
Mount Olympus getting underway due to ice in Bay of Whales. USCG Northwind breaks up the ice pack for the U.S.S. Yancey. LVT trail party returns to Base Camp from seven day trip into interior where they established an emergency food and fuel cache at the foot of Mt. Helen Washington.
The U.S.S. Yancey departs the Bay of Whales, 6 February 1947. Note crevasse in shelf ice in foreground. Dog team pulling sled with cargo. Rear Admiral Byrd and his staff aboard the flagship U.S.S. Mount Olympus.
R4D transport plane, modified for aerial mapping, get boost on takeoff with JATO. Unloading food supplies at base camp. Radar setup at base camp.
Raising the flag at Base Camp. Tractors pack down snow on improvised bridge covering crack in Bay of Whales. Navy cameramen photographing huge crevasse.
Photographic operations tent. Mess line at base camp. Sick Bay tent.