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Spitzbergen Hydrometeorological Station - Barentsburg

An international agreement permits a number of nations to maintain stations on Spitzbergen for scientific purposes. The Russian station is the largest and has operated over the longest period with the largest staff.

Mail from the Barentsburg station is delivered by aircraft or ships to a Russian post office for regular service.


The Soviet - American Oceanographic Expedition

The oceanographic studies continued during 1990 using separate vessels due to limited funding by the Russians.

The University of Alaska research vessel R/V ALPHA HELIX carried the American party in the Chuckchi Sea.


First Arctic Cruise to the North Pole

The atomic icebreaker ROSSIJA sailed to the geographic North Pole in August 1990 as an experiment in the use of the vessels for tourist cruises.

Amst Team

An airport meteorological synoptic team was based at the Lavrentia Polar Station in 1990.


SNOP - Soviet / Norwegian Barents Sea Study

The Russian research vessel PROFESSOR MULTANOVSKY and the Norwegian ship LANCE conducted studies with the icebreaker OTTO SCHMIDT in Fram Strait between Spitzbergen and Franz Josef Land.


Their information was transmitted by satellite after coordinating with the ice stations. They identified icebergs and assembled general information on ice conditions. This was projected to last from 1988 to 1992.

Russian AARI Satellite Relay Program

Ground stations were established at Chokurdah for high altitude studies, and a hydro-meteorological station adjoined it. Two separate crews dispatched their mail through the post office at Chokurdah.

Hydro-Meteorological Station

High Altitude Station



At the conclusion of the expedition work, the American team was put ashore at Dutch Harbor where they were taken aboard the R/V ALPHA HELIX and carried to Seward. Hydrometeorological observations in the Bering Sea and the Chukchi Seas during 1990 was a joint program renewing the cooperative information exchange that had been terminated in 1977.


Russian Ice Ships Support the Polar Supply System

Ice-strengthened ships, like the M/V KAPITAN DANILKIN from the Murmansk Shipping Company, provided support for the polar stations and programs. Commercial icebreakers, like the KRASSIN, made it possible for service to be provided virtually year round.
The KRASSIN meets a supply ship in the Kara Sea.

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