A Postal History Gallery of Related Events


An Accredited International Courier at the North Pole

Dr. Gale Raymond joined an Arctic research team's side trip from Ellsmere Island in northwest Canada to the North Pole in 1979.

The S.T.O.L. (short-takeoff-and-landing) plane made a short courtesy landing where Raymond canceled a limited amount of covers in accordance with his authority.

The letters were entered in the mail in Houston, Texas, six days later.

Arctic Cruise

Tourist interest in the Arctic began increasing and the ice-strengthened KLAVDA ELANSKAYA was used for an experimental trip.

Norwegians Search for Oil in the Arctic

The M/V POLAR QUEEN served as a helicopter base for an oil exploration party working at Grimfjellet in southern Spitzbergen.

Ship mail was cacheted on the POLAR QUEEN and then placed in the postal service upon return to Longyearbyen.

Norwegian Research Program for Marine Arctic Ecology

Studies were made in the Barents Sea in three Norwegian research vessels:

M/V SENJA & ANDENES - April 1-25

M/V HAKON MOSBY - April 11-27

M/V LANCE - June 6-21



Erskine Expedition

The Erskine Expedition to East Greenland based itself at Constable Point and Mestervig. From this station they spent the working season of 1986 studying the adaptation of wildlife to Arctic conditions.

Mail was placed in the Greenland post office at Constable Point for delivery to outside points.

(Exhibition pieces courtesy of George Hall)