A Postal History Gallery of Related Events


A Sledge Crossing of Greenland


The Scottish Trans-Greenland Expedition crossed the ice cap from Angnagssalik to SDR Stromfjord in thirty-nine days to duplicate the feat of Nansen in 1888.

Fifty covers were carried by the party and were mailed from Sondre Stromfjord on July 30, 1985.


Scandinavian Air Service Polar Airmail to Spitzbergen


The development of northern routes by SAS included Spitzbergen, with the first flight planned to be initiated on December 12, 1966. Bad weather delayed it until December 22, 1966.

The Odd Viking landed at Advent Valley near Longyearbyen after a two-and-a-half hour flight from Tromso, Norway. The postal clerk at Longyearbyen became confused and dated the mail December 21, the day before the flight origination.


Snow Machines Replace the Dog

The 1967 expedition to reach the pole using snow machines was forced to turn back after 37 days because of the ice conditions resulting from high temperatures.

Mail carried on the trip was placed in the postal service at Eureka, NWT.

The Determination to Reach the Pole Wins

Ralph Plaistad reached the North Pole in May of 1968 on his second attempt using four snow machines. He was accompanied by nine companions to become the first mechanized overland attempt to conquer the pole. They were supplied by air drops.

A limited amount of mail was carried for collectors and mailed from Eureka, NWT following their return.



Mountaineering in Greenland

The East Greenland Mountaineering Expedition encountered bad weather conditions that restricted their opportunities to climb. The purpose of the party was almost entirely sporting.

Mail carried by the party was placed in the postal service at Angmagssalik on August 12, 1968.


A Great Adventure With a Flight Over Both Poles

The long flight, lasting a month, was punctuated by twenty stops between the two-continent polar crossing.

(Exhibition pieces courtesy of George Hall)