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The Navy Landed Aircraft on Ice Floes to Conduct Studies

Operation Skijump II



Ice Island T3

A large ice island, now known to be a segment of a glacier from Ellesmere Island, was sighted by weather reconnaissance planes in 1946 and designated as target T3. It was selected as a scientific base in 1952. The initial base was established on March 19, 1952.

The seven mile wide island was initially supplied from Thule AFB until it drifted out of range in late 1959. Alaskan bases continued support services.




Commercial Aviation Over the Pole

Extensive research led to a commercial air route over the pole pioneered by the Scandinavian Air System in 1952. The flight from Los Angeles - Edmonton - Thule - Copenhagen carried special cacheted covers addressed to the airline that were given to interested parties after the flight.

(Exhibition pieces courtesy of George Hall)