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The Search for the ITALIA
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The aircraft of Babushkin searched the region for the camp of the survivors.


Series of official orders written by Professor Wiese between 15 June and 26 July and signed personally by Professor Wiese.



Working copy of radiogram sent to the base ship CITTA DI MILANO at Spitzbergen from the MALYGIN on June 29 to advise that a plane flew over Foyn Island via King Charles Island. The aircraft could only be heard for the first twenty minutes. The position of the icebreaker MALYGIN was given as Latitude 76 40 and Longitude 27 07, sent by Wiese.


Radiogram to the icebreaker KRASSIN, attention Samooylovich, dated June 30.

Aircraft Babushkin has not returned. I suppose he is waiting for the fog to lift. Please tell your reporters to not inform the press. The Malygin got stuck in the ice.




Three radiograms sent from the icebreaker KRASSIN through the radio facilities on the icebreaker MALYGIN in early July. Two of the messages reported the damage to the KRASSIN resulting from the dash through the ice to reach the Italian party. The third message reported on the status of the plane flown by Chuknovsky during his work locating the ice party of Malmgren.


Working copy of radiogram sent to the CITTA DI MILANO.

Our plane which started for Foyn Island June 29 not returned. Stop. Probably landed King Charles Island or icefield between Charles and Hope Islands. Stop. Is supplied with food till July 6. No wire contact with the plane..

Malygin     Wiese